Vibratory Finishing Compounds

Vibratory Finishing Compounds provide various benefits to your vibratory finishing process, they are:

  • Cleaning of dirty surfaces and brightening of various metals
  • Suspension of fines within the process preventing them from becoming re-deposited onto the media or into the part surfaces.
  • Create lubricity and cushioning during the process
  • Protection of parts from corrosion and oxidation

Below is a list of some of our standard Vibratory Compounds. Please contact us to order or for more information.

Liquid Compounds

Liquid compounds are the foundation of the modern surface finishing process. Thanks to their ability to remove contaminants such as metal and/or media fines from the process, they keep the components and the media clean and ensure a repeatable high quality mass finishing process.

Choose the right product for your application. This will guarantee that your solution is both economical and environmentally-friendly.

Recirculation Compounds

Recirculation compounds are formulated to provide a consistent process quality for every application and ensure long service intervals for the process water.

These compounds are best for use in closed loop water recycling systems but can also be used in flow through processes.

Grinding Pastes

The grinding process is particularly economical with grinding pastes in non-circulated processes. We have also have easy-to-use grinding pastes in powder form that are suitable for wastewater circulation.

Polishing Pastes

The polishing process refines, superfinishes and produces mirror-bright, high polish surfaces. Polishing pastes are designed to produce the required surface finish, are environmentally-friendly and economical to utilize. In addition to pastes, we have also powdered products for use with recirculation systems.